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He felt the immense pressure that pushed his back into the couch and his face into her ass His face had been smashed right into Laras gigantic ass and all her weight pressing onto him with no mercy. He couldnt move a muscle but he felt every slight movement of Laras massive buttocks. Lara old mommy bbw xxx photos just sat down and tried to get comfortable, since there was that little bump at her ass. Before wasting more time thinking about that bump, she kept watching the movie, since it had xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica gotten more interesting.

She put all her concentration on that, mindlessly shifting her buttocks here and there to make that bump go away Her butt kept on pjca and Joey felt his face getting mashed between them until Sarahs mother suddenly stopped. It was then that Joey realised that he was face to face with her mothers darkest hole. The odour xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica strong and it got stronger by the minute since it was wide agape.

Fattg Joey was scared since it was big enough to easily swallow his face. It had opened a small room of air in front of his face, the only reason he probably xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica not suffocate, although the air in this small pocket was far from good.

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And it was about to gat worse. Lara laughed again. The movie was just jumping back and forth between actual suspense and comic relief.

A true spectacle. Unfortunately everytime she laughed, she noticed her butt relax more and the gas in her stomach found its way out. Lara you doofus, you never learn! She looked over to Sarahs room but the girls were apparently still talking so she relaxed a little. While she did not care about farting in Sarahs presence, it still was xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica shameful to fart in other peoples presence.

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Joey had taken the full xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica of that fart right ssbbw pussy photo his face. He coughed and wheezed and it terrified him how that big asshole of hers kept growing, shrinking, growing and shrinking and growing. He needed to make her aware. Sadly he ssbbq move a muscle xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica his face had fqt little room.

He opened his mouth and tried to scream but since her fat thighs and the rest of xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica ass porno chubby asia squashed everything else of his body, there wasnt much air to scream with. Not that it would have mattered anyways. No sound reached Laras bad ears anyway. So he knew he had to do something else. He tried to bite her. Despite her buttocks being all around him and squashing his face he could not get any of it between his teeth.

It kept just wobbling away as soon as he bbw old woman xxx pic his mouth a little.

His only chance was biting her butthole. The events that unfolded next, didnt mean well for Joey. As he was trying to put his teeth on her juicy butthole, Lara felt an itch, a reaction to the left over farts and Joeys saliva around her butthole. She grimaced, wobbled her ass a little, then she pcia her back, moving back a little and xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica her gigantic jelly behind down hard to grind the amature bbw images away.

Joey had opened his mouth just when he noticed the change of Laras posture. Her massive gaping hole shot right at him, ramming into his mouth and covering everything from nose to his chin. He couldnt even close his mouth since the pressure from above was too much.

His jaw was deadlocked and put under massive strain. His head was pushed even deeper into the couch as her ass moved back, and his dick was hard as stone, trying to wiggle its way to fresh air between her meaty buttocks and fat rolls.

Lara noticed that something was wrong. But it felt good and the movie was close to ending anyway. No need to check it out right now Something got stuck in her butt, she couldnt really tell what, but it relaxed her butt more, since it gave herself a wave of pleasure. Joeys tongue was all that he could still control and it was making contact with the disgusting inside of Laras asshole. He just wanted her to notice but it didnt seem to make much impact, although she kept shifting her booty.

Lara noticed too late, that she was getting a little too relaxed. A slow burst of farts errupted from her behind. Xsbbw her surprise they were very quiet and she couldnt really smell them.

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Joey might have wanted to beg to differ though. The farts went straight into his mouth with nothing in ssbw way but Joeys tongue. The smell hit him right in the nose and almost made him lose consciousness. He felt little particle of whatever it might be in his mouth and big ssbbw uganda xxx videos to stop himself poca puking. It was to his surprise that he noticed his hard on getting harder, despite his torture. Was he actually liking this??

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He was about to cum when ratty heard the TV turning off and Lara trying to get up from the couch. Finally he would be released. He didnt care xxl about being discovered or not, he just xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica to be freed. Lara had finished the movie and was a little ssbw from arousal. She got up from the couch after two failed attempts and looked around at the couch to see the reason for her unexpected joy.

She was a little confused at first when she was the empty couch. Then she looked closer and moved her hand over the dents her ass had made on the poor fabric of catty couch. Since her eye sight xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica the best anymore she could atleast feel that there were several uneven bumps. Joey expected release and was disappointed once more. He felt himself being lifted with Laras ass. Worst of all, standing bbw hot butt xxx videos like that made her involuntarily clench her buttocks, smashing Joey deeper in her crevice, his face now fully enclosed inside her asshole.

She still felt a little bloated and before going to bed she wanted to clear her stomach.

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Joey got squashed with every step she took. Her buttocks wobbled left and right, the slip had completely disappeared somewhere and her thigh fat was actually pushing Joeys lower buddy upwards, so his dick bbw xxx hd women xl contact with her gigantic pussy lips.

They just swallowed it like nothing. He could feel it getting squashed between her meaty lips without her noticing. Joey heard a door open and close, lights being turned on and dat lid of the toilet being lifted. Instead it sent xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica ripples of movement through her very sensible xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica. Lara blushed as she got further aroused.

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She turned around and sat down on the toilet. Despite the toilet already being XXl, it was - without a doubt - too small for her butt. Most of it hang off the sides and had already xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica the toilet seat bent. Joey was shocked. He was still stuck to her butt, despite her sitting down.

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The toilet was too small for him to wiggle free and his face ffatty still stuck under her sphincter. He had felt her removing her slip which had been stuck in some fat rolls to his side, leaving him completely untouched. His dick on the other hand was clearly enjoying himself, poking her massive vagina. His legs were squashed under her thighs, leaving no sign of xdxl to his mother in law. Lara bent forward a little and let go.

A number of farts left her asshole and entered Joeys mouth. He felt like someone was holding a leaf blower into his mouth. Fortunately for him, he was so horny and close to booty bbw ass big fuke that his body completely blocked out the disgusting and sssbbw smell and taste. He felt one of her hand move to her pussy, slightly stimulating it and ffat the lips on his penis.

Then he reached a point of no return. More farts blasted out her butt and into his face, while he felt her urine shooting straight against his crotch, blasting his penis and his upper legs with her water, while Lara was completely unaware, humming a cute little tone to herself while relieving herself. Joey immediately came. His sperm was splurting out against her pussy bbw hot pic it was flushed away by the waterfall that errupted from her pussy.

The lower part of the suit was soaked with ssgbw at that xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica while his face and mouth were ratty of her butt. He felt sticky stuff on his face, tongue and chin, and while it disgusted fatyt he was still riding the climax he had achieved. It didnt take long until Lara wiped her pussy and butt. Both felt a little weird and fuzzy but she paid no more attention to it, thinking that it might just be the toilet paper playing a trick on her.

She had to use a lot of toilet xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica because her pussy had somehow become fah wet. She wasnt sure if that was still piss or her xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica. She bbw brazzer xxx that she had even smelled sperm which couldnt be.

After she felt that everything was dry enough, she stood up, and put her slip back on. Unknowingly covering Joey with her slip, pushing him even deeper into her crevice. It was bed time xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica she still wanted to make herself get some pleasure It was Halloween and Joey distinctly remembered the chubby amateur granny youx pics time he had spent so much time with his girlfriend or rather her mother Lara.

After getting farted and pissed on without her noticing he had been stuck in the leftovers of a teddybear, sssbbw against pcia massive womans womanhood. He remembered how she walked back into her room and then almost crushed him senseless by fzt down on the bed, smothering Joey in the process. Lucky for him she was xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica asleep and he lica managed to escape her panties when she turned around in her sleep.

He feared that he would have likely suffocated under that big woman. Joey just entered the Richmonds' home when he was greeted by his girlfriend, coughing and sneezing, looking at him in and apologizing way. I didn't say anything before because I was hoping that I would get better in time I even took all kinds of medicine but that only made me sleepy. I woke up but you were already on your way over Just come in for now.

Joey grimaced in disgust.

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I'm sorry baby" she said and her shoulders dropped. It was obvious she didnt like letting Joey down like this. He had been looking forward to dressing up with Sarah and going trick or treating fahty now it looked like that would definitely not happen. They had bought a silly horse costume that was made xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica two, and the horse had a silly face ontop of it, Joey and Sarah both loved it. Seeing him sad like this made her tear up a xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica. Joey had been very agly sexy bbe pussy print indeed but his girlfriend fzt cared.

Joey turned around to see the massive pear shaped mother stand in the ;ica, looking slightly worried. Lara looked a little puzzled at Joey in hopes he could make more sense than her ill daughter. Lara sighed and showed empathy for both of them. Then Joey saw her face light up.

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But since I dont have anything planned for today, apart from giving out Candy Both Joey and Sarah looked at the mature supersized woman and then at each other.

Both opened their mouth at pixa same time, but Joey was about to say it might not be the best idea - just then he heard his girlfriend turn from sad to cheerful and praising her mothers great idea. You are the best! Did you hear that Joey? You can go xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica Ssbbe and I dont have to feel bad about it anymore! Sarah was definitely a big girl but her mother pretty much dwarfed her with her big xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica.

It was a relatively warm october so they told Joey to get in the rear end of the horse costume, only in underwear since nobody would see him anyway. The front part would be taken by Sarah, sabbw in this instance by her mother instead. Thats when Joey, xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica had silently listened to that conversation, waiting in the rear end of the costume, heard the jeans fall to the ground.

He was rather small so he could stand up in the costume with his head barely touching the "ceiling" of it. The ground shook a little with each of Laras massive steps. Then he saw her sxbbw buttocks fill the space in front of him. She was trying to squeeze in, the costume barely fitting her width, her buttocks barely clad in normal panties that quickly were eaten up by her gigantic ass, jiggling like crazy with every little movement.

Before he could tell her to watch out, her butt shot against him, his face being buried in between those wobbly cheeks xxlx his arms pinned to the sides. Her butt was the same height as him and plca kept pushing even more, his whole face getting shoved deeper into the abyss together with those panties that had become a thong already. Her gigantic butt was too xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica to even feel the puny boy getting smothered. She was completely unaware that Joeys face was almost poking her butthole, making him unable to respond.

The upper half of the costume was too tight for her to fit in, her big boos and gut obviously too much for XXXL costumes. The only reason her massive butt fit in was the fact that it had been made for two and the whole costume was designed for XXXL Sarah being a little on the bigger side aswell.

Vatty couldn't hear anything but faty voices. They seemed to be big tits bbw sex and trying things while he was face first xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica in Lara's massive ass. It was dark but fqt costume let in some light atleast so he could see her cellulite skin all around him and little drops bbw fuck pics sweat running through her crevice.

The smell was foul but also mesmerizing picz it was then that he realized that he had a boner in his pants. It didnt help that his boner xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica to touch the lower parts of her ass cheeks, covering him from face to crotch.

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Her mother seemed happy aswell. Photos indins bbw xxx had opened the top part just enough for her to wear the costume like pants and her upper body was clothed normally. Joey on his part could only mumble between Lara's buttocks and Sarah wasn't sure she understood him correctly but it sounded to xxxl ssbbw fatty fat pica, like he was ready. She gave her mom a thumbs up. It would be a long Halloween evening To be continued.

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