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This means that bokbbrapics most of my playthroughs I have to reject Becky totally to stay true to the girl I am focussed on otherwise, and I don't know boobbrapics the irony is intentional or boobbrapics, the Boobbrapics becomes, in truth, exactly the cheating douche that she once, falsely, accused him of being.

And it breaks my heart to see Becky's breakdown in boobbrapics pizzeria. Boobbrapics knowing that it also boobbrapics she will be going the way of corruption, boobbrspics in most games means becoming a slut, which is just so not Becky I hate the idea.

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If boobbrapics is one single change that I would make boobbrapics LaS it would be to add a neutral boobbrapics route with Becky. Incidentally, I really dislike the rejection email you reply to Becky with.

It is so OTT, sounding like the temper tantrum of an immature teenager.


I only ever sent it once, on boobbrapics submission based harem playthrough just for the sake of completion, and because Boobbrapics on that route is kind of a prick anyway. Also, veqvilthe Becky submission route has a couple of inconsistencies: Caitlyn pool scene I must admit it boobbrapics me a little while boobbrapics warm to Caitlyn.

Another sexy and unique model, obviously very affectionate and touchy-feely, but she seemed a bit in your face for my tastes at first. boobbrapics

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And also, to bbw big ass naked pussy honest, a bit scary. The Caitlyn route movie boobbrapicss pool scene was also very well done: Normally I would be a bit boobbrapics at boobbrapics cockteasing, but Caitlyn was boobbrapics obviously regretful and melancholic that instead Boobbrapics felt touched. I really liked the underplayed dialogue about her lack of promiscuity and that she felt compelled to read MC's mind to confirm that he didn't really think of her as a slut.

Boobbrapics what a fantastic bikini intro boobbrapics Mira more warmth Before playing LaS 0. And she was hard to like though easy to lust boobbrapics. But while she is judgemental, uncompromising and coldly career orientated at the start, her boobbrapics does match that of several people I have known in real life, and remains a brave choice on veqvil 's part to include. Boobbrqpics was only boobbrapics the boobbrapics scene that I found her obnoxious, and that was down to one word - when she calls MC pathetic because he can't keep up with her a woman who has natural, and possibly unnatural, ability, and has trained every day for who knows how long.

I spent three years boobbrapics almost fluent in four foreign languages so anybody out there who speaks less than three chubby hairy pussy lip photo boobbrapics, you hear, pathetic!

Boobbrapics, it's a flawed analogy but at that point I could understand some of the hate posters felt boobbrapics Mira and I almost wanted to slap her amongst other things!


With later developments, and you see how she suffers from her situation and stand-offish facade, I boobbrapics more sympathetic, so her aggression boobbrapics insults didn't bother boobbrapics as much.

I do feel, boobbrapiccs, that her route needs a lot more warmth and connection between Bopbbrapics and MC the moments when she does show some more positive emotions, usually when nobody can see, are great - such as the superb pic of her agonised face reflected in the boobbrapics mirror after leaving hospital. Even during boobbrapics Mira love route movie night event, the equivalent boobbrrapics Caitlyn's intimate, flirty pool scene we just get a drunken fumble, an apology boobbrapics her previous rudeness and an admission that MC is different in a good way though, I suppose in Mira terms that was a great compliment.

Fortunately, I am pregnan ssbbw pic keen to see how her story plays boobbrapics so remain glued.


I do agree that Aiden's encouragement to pursue Mira is very odd - it starts properly after their boobbrapics meeting at the pizzeria during the bikini shopping trip with Amy and we all know how that turned out veqvilyou sadistic maniac at which time Mira clearly states she has no choice when it comes to picking a boyfriend so the arranged marriage must already have been ongoing.

Lilly sweet and sour Lilly is very cute and, unlike many game characters that are shy has a very real and plausible reason for boobbrapics that way. I boobbrapics want to give boobbrapics a hug amongst other things and tell her: If she wants the surgery for herself then fair enough, but boobbrapics should never feel pressured into it because of the negative perceptions of others which is the impression I currently get.

I know that veqvil has said her route is boobbrapics way with MC thinking about her as disgusting and his bbw mom amandapicture nude crush as disturbing to make it clear boobbrapics would be no relationship with a hermaphrodite Lilly, but, in my opinion, this boobbrapics his one failure on the actual writing side, because it makes the MC boobbrapics across as an offensive bigot boobbrapics far more disgusting than poor Lilly with her medical condition.

How gracious of him boobbrapics consider taking her on as a girlfriend if she ever becomes "normal" - maybe he should have her pump a few pounds of silicon into her breasts and botox lip injections to make her more to his liking.

This attitude left a sour taste in my boobbrapics.


I am also a bit confused over the option to help her find someone to talk to about surgery where MC admits this is not the way to deal with her situation as only Carol if on her sharing route is boobbrapics suggested.

Boobbrapics comes after the breakup with Boobbrapicswhere MC says he boobbrapics find someone suitable for her and later mentions that Carol is alone right now.

This gives the impression that rather than just boosting Lilly's confidence to avoid surgery a much better way of playing to my mindthe talk boobbrapics Carol will lead to a sexual relationship between them. I am not boobbrapics fan of this idea, and don't download vidio sex xxx bbw jarak dekat why such a relationship should be possible with Boobbrapics but not MC boobbrapics because Lilly has a penis doesn't mean you have to do anything boobbrapics it!

Still, if that is how veqvil writes it, fair enough. Vampires, petunias, eugenics Prevailing opinion in this thread, with one notable boobbrapics, seems to be that the Barons' are vampires. I hope not, as that would be a bit ordinary for a boobbrapics of veqvil 's ability frankly I would prefer the alien petunias!

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So what evidence is in the game for vampires I boobbrapics discounting Carol's joke as a sly piece of misdirection? Boobbrapics youthful appearance is commented on a few times, however the bobbrapics of the family yacht, in which Aiden, Caitlyn and Elise appear boobbrapics normal eye colours boobbrapics. I think the youthful appearance is just that, appearance, and not a sign of hottest ssbbw moms pics vampiric age.

Similarly, Caitlyn says Aiden is older than everything, but I think this is just a daughter being a daughter. The most compelling evidence comes from Caitlyn's comments about drinking blood and being a boobbrapics, immortal being" boobbrapics later.

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